The Corkwood Websites

Corkwood Knitting and Craft Supplies sells an eclectic range of textile art supplies. Some of our products are exclusive to us. As well as a range of fabric dyes and chemicals and various wooden craft tools, we sell yarns, some of which are manufactured at our premises in fairlight in East Sussex. The online shop is also one of the suppliers of Half Scale Mannequins, a design tool much beloved by both students, designers and pattern cutters.

Yarn and knitwear design was how we first got started. This is about both work we have done and also about our latest yarn production project.

The textileoscope blog is where we are putting extra helpful information about the items we sell. We have put various dye recipes that might be of interest to our customers and extra information and ideas for using our yarns and the other products.

Half Size Mannequins is a joint project between Corkwood and designer Sass Tetzlaff. These are a modern and updated version of a great design tool and concept creator.

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